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Using MyOwnBiz

At MyOwnBiz you'll find lots of information and resources to help you get your own biz started. The way to use the site depends on where you are in your biz planning and the goals that you have for your biz. The site is organized to give visitors quick and easy access to what they need for their specific situation. Here's how it's organized:

Five Biz Startup Sections
Five sections of the site are devoted to the steps you must take to start your biz. Each section includes an overview of the topic, lists and links to useful resources as well as interactive tools to help you learn more about starting a biz.

Getting Started
This section is all about the first steps you need to take to start your own biz. You'll find information on:
  • Figuring out what biz is the right one for you
  • Getting the education you need to run a small biz
  • Where to find forms you need to run a biz legally in NYC and New York State
  • A survey to help you figure out if you have the skills needed to start your own biz

Where's the Money?
You can't start a biz without money. So where will you get the money? That's what this section helps you figure out. Here you can check out:
  • Places you can contact to help you raise the money you need
  • Information on how to set money goals
  • Interactive tools that help you figure out how much money you need to get started, the amount of money you'll need each month to keep you biz running and how to price your services

Know Your Market
You might have the most incredible biz idea, but if you haven't figured out the who and where of your customers, there is a good chance you won't see success. In this section, you can find out:
  • Who you should target as your customers
  • How to find out about them how many there are, where they live, their interests, etc.
  • How to learn about your competition so you can do a better job at getting customers
  • What questions to ask in a customer survey

Sell It!
Marketing is an important part of any biz. You need to create a buzz so that people will want to buy what you are selling. This section:
  • Offers ideas on how to get the word out
  • Helps you set up a marketing plan
  • Gives you a tool to create biz cards and flyers
  • Helps you set up a marketing calendar
  • Gives you a chance to develop a marketing strategy

Put It All Together
The biz plan is the document you put together to bring to the bank and other potential lenders to let them know why they should lend you money for your biz. In this section of the site, you can gather the information you need to create your biz plan. It includes:
What's Your Biz?
Check out this section to learn about the successes and failures of other small biz entrepreneurs. There is information on eight different businesses. For each, you will find:
  • An interview with someone in the biz
  • Information on what it takes to go into the biz
  • Checklists to help you find what you have and what you need
  • Resources to learn more about the biz

Do It Yourself
DIY is where you can try things out for yourself. You can try out a variety of materials that will help you learn about starting a biz. Each of the five main sections includes at least one of these tools. Here's the full list:
Throughout the site you'll find certain words and phrases highlighted. Click on them to read the definition.

Library Catalog
On every page of the site you'll find a link to the Brooklyn Public Library catalog. Click on it, and you'll be able to search Brooklyn Public Library's collection and find books, magazines and more.

In Brooklyn
Check out this section to find local organizations and resources that can help you start your biz.