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1. What did you hope to learn about on this site? (You may select more than one)
    What I need to get started in biz
    How to find the money to start a biz
    What regulations, licenses and taxes apply to the biz I want to start
    How to handle finances for myself and my biz
    How to get customers or clients for my biz
    How other businesses work
    Advice and experiences from other young entrepreneurs
    Other, please specify:

2. Did you find what you were looking for on the site?

3.  What sections of MyOwn Biz did you think were the most useful?
(Click as many as apply)
    Getting Started
    Where Is the Money?
    Know Your Market
    Sell It!
    Put It All Together
    Do It Yourself
    What's Your Biz
    Other sections:

4. Please describe what you found helpful on the site.

5. Have you visited this site before?

    5a. If yes, how many times?

      1 5 times
      6 15 times
      More than 15 times

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6. How much business experience do you have?
    Own or have owned a business
    Plan to start a business soon, getting organized and doing research
    Have taken vocational or business classes
    Have a job, but would like to start a business in the future
    Just starting out, have not worked or taken business classes
    Other, please specify:

7. Do you have a:
    High school degree
    Vocational degree or certificate
    College degree
    Business degree
    Graduate degree
    Other, please specify:

8. How old are you?
    Under 14 years old
    14 17 years
    18 21 years
    22 30 years
    Over 30 years

9. Where do you live?
    In Brooklyn
    In the New York City area
    In New York State
    Outside New York
10.  What type of business have you started or would you like to start?
(You may choose more than one)
    Store selling things made by other companies
    Entertainment, such as making or producing music
    Restaurant, catering or business making food
    Designing clothes, jewelry, furniture, graphics, etc.
    Making clothes, furniture, gifts, etc.
    Education, such as child care or tutoring
    Writing or publishing
    Public relations or advertising
    Technology, such as setting up and repairing computers, creating websites
    Transportation, moving or delivery
    Carpentry, contracting or home repair business
    Personal service, lawn care, pet walking, personal shopper, party planning
    Gym or fitness business
    Other, please specify:

11.  Do you have a question you want answered or do you have a comment about this site? If so use the box below.