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Web Design

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Web design can be an exciting biz to go into. The sites you create could be seen by thousands, and maybe millions, of people around the world. For that to happen, you have to start smart. The checklist below should help you do just that. (Donít forget to also check out our Web Design Resource Guide for help on finding the information you need to get started.)

  Have taken classes and/or have skills in at least one of the following: graphic design, programming/coding, site organization or writing for the web.  
Have researched and have access to the hardware and software required to design, code and develop a website.
  Have worked for or talked to other people about getting started in web design.  
Have looked at lots of websites to see what others are doing for design, programming, organization and content.
  Have found others to work with on web design projects.
Have learned what goes into a website development proposal.
  Have experience which might include creating websites for school, friends, church or others.  
Have developed a portfolio of web design work that shows experience and capabilities.
  Have found out what competition there is for web design services.  
Have come up with a way to advertise services to stand out from the competition.
  Have created biz cards, flyers, websites and other advertising.  
Other, specify.