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Web design is a hot biz. Why? Because:
  • It's creative
  • It's involves computers
  • It's the Internet

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There are a lot of pieces to the web design biz and a lot of people already in the biz. So as you think about getting started, ask yourself: "Which part of designing websites is most interesting?" Do you like and are you good at:
  • Graphic design creating the look of the site?
  • Programming writing the code that makes the site work?
  • Organization figuring out how the pages of the site fit together?
  • Writing putting together the words that make up the text of the site?
Often one person isn't good at all of the pieces that go into web design. That means your biz is probably going to include other people who work on projects with you. You might be the leader of the group, but you'll probably need help.

The best way to learn about the web design biz is to take classes and to work with other people who have been in the biz for awhile already. You might get started by working on sites for your school or a biz where you already work. If a site already exists, ask if you can help out. If the site doesn't exist, go ahead and start one. And remember, you'll need to create a site for your own biz.

Make sure to take classes in the areas you are most interested. If graphic design is your thing, then take courses in design, web graphics and the software and hardware you might use to create the graphics. If programming is your interest, then take some classes in computer science, programming languages and software. Writing for the web is different than writing for a print magazine. A class in writing for the web is a good idea if that is your interest. Education and experience are key to biz success.

Because you can start a web design biz from home, it is not too costly. You need some computer and office equipment. But mostly you need clients and that means getting the word out. Web design is competitive. As you set up your biz think about how you are going to advertise yourself so you'll stand out from others already in the biz. Your biz cards, your flyers, your website all your promotional materials need to show off your graphic and creative skills. Use the Do It Yourself section of this site to make your own flyers and biz card.

You also want to know who your competition is and what they offer for web design services. That means you need to do some research. You can learn more about advertising and researching your competition in the Sell It! and Know Your Market sections of this site.

We put together a checklist you can use as you start your web design biz.