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You want to open a restaurant, but how do you know if you have the skills and if now is the right time to do it? This is where we can help. Use the checklist below to get an idea of what you have and what you need to open your restaurant. (Don't forget to also check out our Restaurant Resource Guide for help on finding the information you need to get started.)

Cooking skills - have taken cooking classes for the types of food that will be served or have gained skills in another way.
Researched neighborhoods to find a location where the restaurant will work.
Checked to make sure the location is zoned for restaurants.
Have a "Places of Assembly" permit - if seating more than 75.
Figured out what equipment is needed and made sure all kitchen equipment has necessary seals of approval.
Received an operating permit.
Received and paid for a liquor license (FYI, they are expensive).
Received a catering license (if you want to be a caterer).
Hired staff.
Created a menu.
Other, specify.