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So you want to open a restaurant. It should be fun. Running a restaurant often means you get to meet and talk to lots of new people. If the restaurant is a success, you might even meet some famous people.

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There is a lot to think about beforehand. First, when you say you want to open a restaurant, does that mean:
  • You will open your own restaurant that will be all yours from the beginning?
  • You will buy and take over someone else's restaurant?
  • You want to open a take-out place?
  • You want to be the chef of a restaurant?
  • You want to manage the restaurant but let someone else take care of the cooking?
  • You need to take cooking classes?
You can start small to get experience making and selling food. Think about whether you will go it alone or have a partner. Having someone else to work with in the restaurant biz is a good idea. That way, each person involved in the biz can focus on his or her particular strengths. Maybe you are a great chef. If you have a partner, you can focus on the cooking and your partner can focus on managing the restaurant.

Market research can pay off big time in this type of biz. If you want to start a juice bar, make sure the location you choose isn't surrounded by five other juice bars. And make sure the people who live and work in the neighborhood like juice. You should also:
  • Know the competition
  • Know who lives and works in the neighborhood
  • Find a great location
  • Find out what licenses and inspections you need in order to serve food and beverage
  • Hire staff who will be able to make the customer happy
  • Hire a great chef, or have the cooking skills necessary to feed lots of people over a several hour period of time
It's a good idea to work in a restaurant first. That way, you will be sure it's the biz for you. And most important, you have to love all aspects of the restaurant biz: cooking, serving and managing.

We created a checklist to help you determine if the restaurant biz is right for you right now.