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If you want to give others the chance to read what you have to say by self-publishing, then itís important to make good decisions about all aspects of the publishing biz. Use this checklist to help you figure out what you already know and the skills you already have, as well as what you need to learn. (Also, check out our Publishing Resource Guide for help on finding the information you need to get started.)

  Checked out what others have published in the same area. Looked at how publications are bound, the paper used, etc.  
Researched the publishing industry to decide what type of publications to produce, what the competition is, etc.
  Have access to a computer with the software needed to write the text for the publication.  
Have access to technology needed to create any images required for the publication.
  Researched and designed a layout for the publication or found a graphic artist to work with.
Have skills needed to edit text or have found someone who can provide editing assistance.
  Have created a cover that will help sell the publication and selected a binding that works for the audience and purpose.  
Have researched and selected printing companies to find one that will provide the best service for the money available.
  Have researched methods of distribution to use the service that will work best for the publication.  
Have created a marketing plan to make sure people find out about the publication.
  Have contacted the Library of Congress about copyright.  
Other, specify.