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You like to write. You want to give others the chance to read your writing. Self-publishing might just be the way for you to do that. You could publish:
  • A magazine or zine
  • Graphic novels or comic books
  • Fiction
  • Non-fiction

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When you self-publish, you:
  • Write and/or illustrate
  • Edit
  • Print
  • Distribute
  • Advertise
As with any biz that you might go into, don't forget that before you take the plunge you need to do your research. You want to know if there is an audience who will be interested in reading what you have to say. You also want to know what others have published so you know what sells and what competition you might face.

Self-publishing gives you lots of control over the process. In many instances, you can make sure what you write is published as you want it to be. It's also a biz where you might find that working with someone else is great. That way, each of you can bring specific skills to the biz. Maybe you are a great writer, but not such a great editor. If you work with someone who is a great editor then you have the makings of a good self-publishing team.

When you self-publish, some of the areas you have control over include:
  • What the cover looks like
  • What the layout is like
  • What paper your work will be printed on
  • Where your publication gets sold
Remember that publicity is key. You want to create a buzz so:
  • Try to get your book reviewed in a newspaper or on a website
  • Write an article about yourself and send it to a local newspaper
  • Arrange book signings at local bookstores, coffee shops, etc.
Learn more about getting the word out in the Sell It! section of this site.

There are some skills you need before publishing on your own so we created a checklist to help you figure out what you have and what you need to get started.