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Ready to start your career as a music producer? Use our checklist to help figure out what skills you have and what you need. (Donít forget to also check out our Music Resource Guide for help on finding the information you need to get started.)

  Have taken classes in music production or the music biz.  
Have worked for a radio station, music production house, for a musician or night club.
  Have listened to lots of different types of music to discover what works and doesn’t work.  
Have played in a band or been in a choir.
  Have read about other music producers and how they got into the biz.
Have researched music trends and know who will be interested in listening to the music I’m going to produce.
  Have access to studio space and equipment required for creating a recording and have funds to pay for the rental.  
Have researched copyrights - when they apply or how to get them.
  Have made contacts with musical artists who are interested in using me as a producer.  
Have made contacts with distribution companies, record labels and radio stations about getting the production out to the public.
  Have made contacts with clubs, theaters, bars, etc. to get gigs to promote my artist.  
Other, specify.