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This might be one of the coolest businesses around. Lots of famous musicians have gone from on stage to behind the scenes production. When you are a music producer you may get to work with famous artists. And you definitely get to have some say in how their music sounds. It's a very exciting biz to be in!

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It is also one of the businesses that requires you to have experience before going off on your own. When you produce someone's album, you want to make sure it is popular and that it sells. One of the only ways to do that is by working in the field and learning from others. This way, you'll also make some important contacts that can help you get the music you produce out to stores, radio stations, etc.

You can gain experience by:
  • Participating in school musical groups band, choir, etc
  • Starting your own band
  • Taking classes in music production, music theory, etc.
  • Working for a musician or at a production house, school radio station, night club, etc.
  • Listening to all types of music to discover trends and techniques
  • Researching how to release and promote music
Those who go into music production also need certain personal characteristics to achieve success. These include:
  • Interpersonal skills: you need to be able to talk to musicians, other producers, record companies, etc. about your product
  • Networking skills: you need to be able to make lots of contacts to make sure you can produce and sell your product
  • Time management skills: you need to be able to keep the production on track so it gets out to the public when it's supposed to
  • Patience: when you produce an album, you have to listen to the same thing over and over you also need patience to keep trying to get your music out to the public
It might seem like a lot to learn. But if you focus on the key skills and experience, your chances of success will be great. We created a checklist to help you keep track of what you have and what you need to get started.

It's also important to keep an eye on what others in the business are already doing. And you need to make sure you know how to advertise your product. So take a look at our sections Know Your Market and Sell It! to find out more.