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Ever since you were a little kid you've been doodling fashion designs on scraps of paper, notebook pages or any piece of paper that comes your way. Now you are seriously thinking of starting your own fashion design biz. Before you start, ask yourself:

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  • Do I know anyone experienced in the biz that I could talk to about how to get started?
  • Do I have a vision that comes through in my design sketches?
  • Should I take classes in design to get more skills than I already have?
  • Should I take classes to learn about the fashion biz and to learn how to sell my designs?
  • Am I going to sell my design concepts or will I make the fashions as well?
  • If I don't sew, do I have a partner who can make my fashions or should I hire someone?
  • Do I know how to get my fashions seen by stores and design houses?
Even if you don't think you need to take classes in fashion design, it's a good idea to work with someone who has a fashion design or clothing biz. By doing that, you can find out exactly what goes into the biz. You might also want to work in a store that sells the kinds of fashions you want to make. You can learn what kind of things people look for. You can also develop contacts or find people who may want to buy your clothes.

Spend time hanging out in stores that sell the kinds of fashions you will work on. Take a look at the fashions in stock in these stores. Check out the local and national stores in your neighborhood that sell clothes like those you want to create and ask yourself:
  • What fabrics do they use?
  • How are the designs displayed?
  • What are the customers looking at the most?
  • What catches a customer's attention first? Is it a particular style or a set of colors?
  • Do customers spend a lot on clothes or are they looking for a bargain?
  • What age are the customers?
No matter what , you need to know if your fashion ideas will sell and who your competition is. That means that you should do your research. You also want to make sure to think about how to let stores and fashion houses know about your fashions. So you must learn how to advertise your product. We have information on both topics on this site in the Know Your Market and Sell It! sections.

One of the best ways to get started is to consider the skills you have and the skills you need to start your fashion design biz. We've created a checklist that will help you with this.