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So you want to open a beauty salon.
  • Are you going to do nails?
  • Will you provide massage?
  • Do you want to sell beauty products?
  • Are you interested in providing skin care?

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These days beauty salons provide an array of services beyond cutting, trimming, drying and styling. Before you start your beauty biz, take a walk around the web and your neighborhood to see what others offer in the way of beauty care. Do they offer services that you never thought of? To learn more about this type of research, check out the Know Your Market section of this site.

How will you decide which services to offer in your salon? Make a checklist of all the possible services. Then decide which services you have the skills to provide. For services that you don't have the skills for, consider whether you want to gain those skills. We've provided a checklist of what you need to getstarted: licenses, equipment to purchase, training, and more.

Don't forget that no matter what biz you plan on starting, the start-up process is important. Make sure to go through the steps outlined on this site, from figuring out if the biz is right for you, to putting together a biz plan.